Thursday, September 17, 2009


This blog has turned into more of a pregnancy blog, and I don't know why that happened. I have 4 other kids, and a husband :) It's probably more or less due to the fact that every day around here is pretty much the same. Mike leaves for work, I get up and dressed, get the kids up, feed them breakfast, send the girls off to school, break up fights, clean, do laundry, break up more fights, make the boys lunch, clean some more, put the boys down for a nap, eat lunch, watch dvr recordings, mess around on the computer, change diapers, take Elijah potty (ahem...yeah, he still won't go on his own. Moms of boys, I could use a little help on this one, but I'll get to that later), ask the boys questions just so I can hear them talk ;), break up more fights, and that's pretty much it. See? Not really that intersting.

But I figured I should probably give some updates about the kids.


Laney is in 2nd grade still. :D She thinks it's pretty much just okay. She's getting to the point where she has homework every day, not just weekly. I usually make her do it when she comes home from school, but there are days when I let her do it after dinner or whatever. It really depends on what the assignment is. She's so smart and learning just comes really easy for her. Wish it was like that for me! She's still in karate, and goes every Monday night. Every week, they come home with an assignment they have to do that week. This week, they are to make their bed every day. We got her a starter guitar for her birthday, and Mike's been teaching her alot lately. She really enjoys it!!



Chloe is in 1st grade and loves it! She loves to do her homework right when she gets home...which I'm sure will change as the year progresses. Learning doesn't come as easily for her as it does for Laney. She has to work harder, and that's okay...I know she'll appreciate her successes that much more! She is such a free spirit! She has the most amazing personality...she honestly blows me away sometimes with the questions she asks or the things she says. Her mind is constantly going, and she's always so concerned with how everyone else is feeling. She's also in karate, but doesn't love it all that much. Mike and I have decided that we will keep her in it for now. If she's not into it after another year or two, we'll probably pull her out. We just want her to stick it out for a little while longer. Hopefully, once she advances another belt color or two, she'll start getting more used to it and she'll be proud of her accomplishments. She's already a green belt with a white stripe...which basically means she's 1/4 of the way to her blue belt! Her and Laney are currently at the same level.



Elijah is still a wild man. We've been cutting back his sugar intake, which I really think is helping. I can tell when he's had sugar and when he hasn't. I'm 100% positive that if we took him to the dr. to get diagnosed, they would tell us he has ADHD. The kid can't sit still, even if his life depended on matter what. He's very very smart though. He knows every single letter and their sounds, he knows all of his numbers and can add, and he's sounding out words! Seriously, this child amazes me! Who knows what he could do if he would actually sit and listen to someone try to teach him. He's completely potty trained, even at night, but will NOT go on his own! Every now and then, he'll go pee by himself, but that's only if I force him to do it...and I know he can! I always take him when he has to poo, but that's just because I have to wipe him, and sometimes he'll pee while he's sitting and it goes all over the place. He does have a hard time pulling his pants back up when he goes on his own, but other than that, he does really well! He's talking so much now!!! The kid doesn't stop talking now. :) And I'm not complaining! I'm so proud of him! For someone who didn't start really talking till he was 3 or so, he's doing excellent!


I posted not long ago about how much a momma's boy Isaac is. That hasn't changed one bit. He's talking so well now too! He puts together 3-4 word sentences, although, if you don't know his dialect, you probably wouldn't be able to understand him. ;) He's learning very quickly how to get his opinion across when Elijah is taking something from him or tyring to bully him. He's actually been known to start some wars. What am I saying? He's just outright mean. alot. We're working on that. We're also working on controling our temper. His very favorite thing of all time is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He LOVES it! When I ask him what kind of birthday cake he wants, it's always MM Clubhouse. Always. I was walking through Walmart a while back with just him, and we passed a shelf with a bunch of stuffed Disney characters on it. He pointed to Pluto and said, "puo". I let him hold onto it for about 5 minutes while I did some shopping, and figured I had better take it from him before he thought it was his. I told him to say bye bye to Pluto and I set it on a shelf. He gave me the most pitiful look I'd ever seen from him and with the biggest poochie lip ever in the history of mankind, said "bye bye puo". It honestly brought tears to my eyes. I picked it up and handed it to him and about 5 minutes later, tried the same thing. He pulled out the same big poochie lip and in that second, I decided that I didn't care if it was the last $8 I had to my name, I was buying that Pluto for him. He never actually started crying or throwing a fit for it, but it was like he was honestly heartbroken that he had to say goodbye to that stuffed Pluto. He sleeps with it every night, and will ask for it all day long. He loves that thing. I have never once regretted buying it for him just because he was crying. Best $8 I've ever spent, to be honest.
And here he is with said Pluto....


Givin' him kisses

He holds him like this all the time, no matter else he's doing.

So that's basically it. If you've made it this far, hopefully you weren't all bored to tears!

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MommaHarms said...

Ok, I love the girls' bedspread - so cute! I buy things for my kids sometimes and feel the same way. When they make them so happy I can justify the $$ spent, as long as it's not an "all the time" thing.


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