Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just some random thoughts

While I was driving to pick up my bridesmaid dress yesterday, I was alone in the car (which rarely happens) and I started thinking about this new baby coming. I started thinking about if it's a boy or a girl (my gut is saying boy...for this week, at least) and what he/she will look like. All of my kids look so different to me. Alot of people say that Elijah and Isaac look alike, and I'm always surprised by that. I don't think they look alike at all. And I think I've mentioned it before, but people always ask me if Laney and Chloe are twins. That one is seriously a mystery to me. I don't think they even look like sisters, let alone twins. I mean, come on, Chloe has blonde hair and blue eyes and Laney has brown hair and brown eyes. Really? It must have something to do with how similar they are in size. That's the only reason I can think of.

So, I'm driving along and I start thinking not only about all that stuff, but about how this tiny little being inside of me, no bigger than an apple, will have a personality and a mind of his/her own. It's so much different than when you have your first. With the first baby, you think about all the things like, wondering what they will look like...will they look like me or their daddy or a mixture...and about taking care of a baby and things like, will I breastfeed, what kind of diapers will we use, how will we do the nursery...stuff like that. And, of course you think about those things with every other child too, but now that I have older kids...particularly a 7 year old that has a mind of her own and does things her way, I'm starting to think more about the years ahead with this baby. What kind of personality and character will this kid have? Will he/she love school or hate it? Will he/she be shy or outgoing? It's so amazing to me that my kids have their own free will and their own ways of doing things and their own thought on things. It drives in me even more the fact that, with all these personal thoughts and things they have, it's our responsibility as parents to teach them about the One who made them. That He has a purpose for their life, and He wants each one of them to know Him personally and He wants them to love Him and serve Him with everything they have. Knowing that my girls already understand most of that stuff, and that Laney has already accepted Jesus Christ as her saviour makes me happier than anything else in this world. Chloe is very close, but we don't want to push it on her, we want it to be her decision. I know she loves God and I know she feels bad when she knows that she has done something wrong, and that it doesn't please God. I just pray that God will always give Mike and I wisdom on how He wants us to raise these children, because they are His after all! It's such a big responsibility to have, but it's also the biggest reward ever!


Andrea said...

So you read Mckmama too? She is popular Mama....huh?

I loved reading your recent post. Matt and I pray every single day for our children to accept Jesus as personal Savior. It is our GREATEST desire for them.

I am thrilled you are having #5. I think it is going to be a boy also....but that means since I actually wrote's a girl!

Do you have any of your girl clothes saved?

We miss your family but love keeping up with you via the blog!

Miss said...

hmmmm...Ilike your random thoughts!! =)

and p.s. I think your girls look ALOT alike (at least in pictures) =) My sister and I couldnt be more opposite..she is tall, blond, blue eyes. I am short, dark hair, green eyes and yet we have been misatken for the other person!! WHAT????!!! =)


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