Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is exactly why I HATE season changes.

Thankfully, the whole nightmare is over. I have 4 boxes, 2 trashbags, and 1 plastic tote full of clothes, shoes, bibs, hats, toys, and costumes. I didn't take a picture of the girls' room, but it was worse than this. They keep alot of their toys in some plastic drawers in their closet, so we went through all that too. And I just have to say...Chloe has the weirdest shaped body ever! She's 5 years old and she's into all size 6's, which isn't weird in itself, but the way her clothes fit her little body is very odd. She has to wear mostly size 6, some 7 shirts, and size 6 pants. Her torso is extremely long! And the way she wears her pants have something to do with it, I'm sure. She wears them so low, you can see her little butt cracking (those are her words :D). I constantly have to tell her to pull her pants up. She says they're uncomfortable if they're not hanging off her hips....I don't know what I'm gonna do with her. She's something else. I'm definitely happy to have all the reorganizing done, but's hard work!


MommaHarms said...

Natalie is the same way - she hates anything tight on her waist! Now that we're out of diapers she's back in 2t pants, but the tops are 3t or even 4t, and sometimes the pants are too long to boot!

LaTisha said...

You showed the before pics... where are the after pics!? Starting to slack on the photography skills?! lol!!! Just kidding, anybody that can straighten up 4 kid rooms is a diamond wrapped in platinum in my book!


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