Friday, November 7, 2008


We took Elijah and Isaac to the dr. on Tuesday, and they checked Isaac first while Elijah fell asleep in daddy's arms. When it was Elijah's turn, we had a hard time waking him up, and when he finally did, he was so cranky! He didn't want the dr. to touch him at all...he kept yelling "No! Stop! Leave me alone!" But the doc did say that it sounded like he did have a seizure when he held his breath. He said that (after he checked him as best as he could) he looked fine neurologically to him, but we could still have an echo ran on him and if anything came back abnormal, then they would try to get him into a neurologist. The nurse called today and said that we need to take him to Children's Mercy downtown on the 17th at 7:30am. She also said that we have to wake him up at 4:30 that morning and not let him have caffeine or let him go back to sleep before the appt.!! How are we gonna do that?? Obviously we need 2 people to go, to keep him awake in the car, but I don't know if Mike can take off another day of work so soon (he took this past Tuesday off). I mean, of course, if he really had to, he could. But I don't want him to use up all of his vacation....we're planning on going to Denver for Christmas, and he needs his vacation days for that. I'm thinking about cancelling the whole thing. Does he really need this? He hasn't had another episode since then, and he seems to be doing fine. And it's just another hospital bill to pay for. I just don't want to overlook anything that could be serious. I don't know...

On a happier note, the Christmas music has started! Laney shares my passion for Christmas music, so she's happy when the stations start playing it too! :) And I'm halfway done Christmas shopping for the kids!! I think we're going tonight to possibly finish up! Fun!

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Laura said...

Sarah, we had to do that same test on Riley, when he was about 10 months old. We woke him up at 4:30a.m. and kept him awake the whole ride to the hospital...he was so sleepy...everything turned out just fine, but it was QUITE the ordeal! I have a funny picture of him at the hospital during the test...they have a Polaroid camera and they took a funny pic of Riley.


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