Monday, August 4, 2008

Worlds of Fun

The girls walking in

Meeting the characters...which Elijah did NOT want to do. Mike was holding him when Snoopy came up and Elijah just kept saying "NO, no, no!!!" He wasn't really crying, he was just like, Yikes, your scary...get away from me! They are pretty scary looking though...nothing like real Disney characters :)

Elijah loved watching the roller coasters. He would say "Mommy, look! Train goes fast!"

The girls were all able to go on the Spinning Dragons, which they LOVED!!!! I was worried that it might scare them a little bit, but it really didn't...that's my girls!!! I love roller coasters and pretty much all amusement park rides...except the spinning things...they make me so sick! Mike doesn't like rides at all (he'll go on the water rides, and some of the more mellow ones) so a couple of my neices went so I would have someone to ride them with. But he did do the Spinning Dragons with us once! Here we are in line. He tried to get a couple of pictures when we were riding it, but they didn't turn out.

And the kids riding on the train. Elijah didn't have such a great time there. I think he was just too hot and miserable. When we went out to the van to take him home, it said the temperature was 107!!!

The kids all had a great time! We will probably go back in Sep. or Oct. when it's not so hot. It was sweltering hot when we were there! I thought I was gonna die!! We took Elijah back to my mom's after we were there for just a couple of hours. He was super hot and tired...he fell asleep on the way there. When we picked him up that night, he said "Mommy, please go ride the choo-choo train again." So I guess he liked it a little bit... Oh, but he didn't like the Wacky Worm. I rode with him on that and he was good till we went down the hill and around the fast turn at the end. He kept saying that he was falling. I was like, great, thanks Mike...see what you did? :D And another weird thing that I've always noticed when we're outside alot is that my kids seriously are immune to the sun! I'm not kidding...if I don't put sunscreen on them, they still won't burn, or's like the sun has no effect on them at all!!! It's very strange.
Next time we go back, I'm taking more pictures though, that's for sure!!

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