Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of school!!!!

Here they are!!! All ready to go!

They were so excited this morning! Chloe has been asking me for the past 2 weeks how many days she had left till school started...well, this morning when she woke up, the first thing she said was "I get to go to school today!" I was like, yeah Chloe, you finally get to go! No more waiting!! I was a little nervous that Chloe would cry, although, she's usually the one that is more independent and more outgoing, but sometimes she surprises me. She didn't cry though...thank goodness. I was a bawling mess last year when Laney started! I was pregnant though, so the hormones may have had something to do with that :)

Poor Elijah isn't going to know what to do without either of them here!

Best friends!!

Chloe with her teacher, Mrs. Archer. We love her!! She's fabulous!

This is Laney's teacher. She's new this year, so we don't know alot about her, but I'm sure she'll be great! She was really sweet when we met her at open house.

Chloe sitting at her desk.

Laney all ready to go!

My baby girl is growing up!! So sad! :(

I'm sure she'll do great! They are riding the bus home, so I told her to look for Laney...so she would feel more comfortable. I can't wait to hear how their days went!


LaTisha said...

I would be a nervous wreck! You are such an amazing mom! I want to be a good mom like you! Also, happy birthday to Laney-bug! I know what you mean about the 7 year old thing... Taye's kids are like my own, and I can't believe Tyalor-boo is 7!!!

MommaHarms said...

this sounds crazy, but I am looking forward to my kids starting school. Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I think they will have so much fun! I may feel differently when I drop Natalie off for the first day of kindergarten, but we'll see!


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