Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big boys

Isaac has grown so much within the past 2 weeks! He's learned how to crawl the right way, he pulls himself up onto furniture now, and he's drinking from a sippy cup. Ever since he was born, he's refused to drink from a bottle, which made it difficult for me to leave him for more than 3 hours. He probably hasn't had more than 6oz. of formula in his life. When I nursed my other kids, they would take a bottle here and there if I wasn't around to feed them, but nope, not Isaac. He wants only his mommy! :) Which, of course, I can't complain. But he found Elijah's cup on the floor the other day, and started drinking from it, so that was it. I went out and got him one of those cups that has handles on it to make it easier for him to hold.

We're leaving Friday morning at around 5am (yikes!) to go to Oklahoma for the weekend. Mike's grandparents live down there and the whole family is gonna be there, so it will be nice to see everyone. This will be the first time I've packed 6 people for a trip!! It's only 3 days, so it won't be too bad to pack for, I guess. Mike wants to take our big water slide for the kids, and I want to take the exersaucer, and all of the suitcases (obviously), so needless to say, our van is gonna be jammed. I'm hoping that since we're leaving so early the kids will sleep most of the way!

OK, time for pics...

Isaac has toes just like mommy! :)

My sis got these overalls for Elijah. He looks so cute in them! :)

This is when he found Elijah's cup. He wouldn't let it go!

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MommaHarms said...

That's funny! I hope this next kid (for me) will take a bottle - I have such a hard time not being able to leave from time to time!


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