Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here and there...

This post is gonna be totally random. I've been taking pictures throughout the last week or so, and I just wanted them off my camera. So here we are...

For Father's Day, Mike told me he just wanted the downstairs play/media room re-organized, so that's what we did. We went through all the kids toys and put them in their neatly labeled bins. A little over a year ago, we went through all the playroom toys and sent about 5 trash bags full of toys to the Salvation Army. To keep the toys we wanted organized, I made bins with pictures on the front of the toys that went in them (Barbies, My little Pony, dolls, dress-up, etc.) Mike installed a projector, complete with surround sound down there, and he wanted it to be more of a media room than a play room, so we went through all the toys and cleaned up really well down there. He even helped...what an awesome guy! So here are the pics from our fresh new, media room.

Here's some of my sweet baby boy. Poor little sick, teething, runny nosed, watery eyed baby boy.

In literally every single room of my home, I can always be sure to find at least one of these babies on the floor.
Elijah is obsessed.with.CARS!!!!!

And here are the girls with their plants. Laney made hers at Paradise Park on a field trip and Chloe made hers at MOPS. They grew really well, I was just tired of looking at them, so I made them take a picture with them, then threw them out!


Laura said...

Cute pictures, Sarah! I like your play room/media room. Our playroom needs to be organized!!! You've got me inspired :)

LaTisha said...

Boy, you almost inspired me to have kids...what am I saying??? I've seen the media room before, and was amazed then, and my jaw is still dropping now! I really don't see how you do it. When I become a mother will you help me... I swear, 4 kids, a husband and a clean home... that deserves a platinum metal... gold isn't good enough!

Maria said...

Thanks for stopping by my Xanga site. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I hope your family has as much fun at Disney as we did.
Your pictures are so cute. I can't believe how big Elijah is getting. The room looks great!


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