Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Phone pics

They've gotta go somewhere.

Isaac swells up so much from mosquito bites!

My little dude

At Chuck E Cheese for little man's 2nd bday

oompa loompa, anyone?

Playing in the leaves!

They really love each other! :)

Like father, like son

overall pockets are handy little snack holders!

Merry Christmas, Layla.


After-bath hair.  Cute.


Layla ALWAYS lays like this when she's playing w/ her toys.

Playing at Kid Zone!

My friend's baby - Gabriel :)

So many boys!

My cheesin' cheeseburger

Laney's rendition of Jett.  Pretty close.

Laney at horseback lessons


Sheila said...

These pics are seriously cracking me up!! I LOVE the one of Jett after his bath with his hair all crazy, I couldn't stop laughing!! And the one with Mike and Isaac sitting the same is too adorable. Thanks for sharing!! Love you guys!

Neha said...

These are really cute and it's so good to have a camera handy so you don't miss out those special moments. Laney's good at her art and your children are simply adorable. Loved them!

Anonymous said...

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