Monday, February 6, 2012

Meal planning for dummies

Have I ever mentioned my extreme dislike for cooking?

Well, I have found the most amazingly wonderful website that was made just for me.  No, seriously.
It's an all-inclusive meal planning website.
Well, all-inclusive totally makes me think of warm breezes, palm trees, sand, and all-you-can-eat from the most amazing restaurants, so all-inclusive may be taking it a tad far.  But really, I'm in LOVE with this site!
If you've heard of E-MEALZ before, totally disregard this post, and go ahead and hang your head in shame, because SHAME ON YOU that you've never mentioned it to me.

When I initially heard about it, I thought it was another one of those "we'll figure out your meal plan, but you're pretty much on your own after that" websites.  Oh no.
They plan your meals (entree and sides), give you the recipes for each meal, personalize the shopping list to whatever store you've picked, organize your shopping list by each department within that store (frozen, meats, dairy, etc.) and tell you the total price of everything you'll need.   Really, it's everything short of cooking for you.
You can choose the meal plan that works for you, like the diet plan, the budget friendly plan, and the vegetarian plan.
Honestly, I'm kind of excited to cook now.
HAHA. okay, just joking.
But I do dread it less.  So that's good.

The only negative thing about it is that you have to pay for it.  It's around $5-7/month, depending on how you pay for it.
I actually think it saves me money, because when I grocery shop, I usually just try to get in and out as fast as I can, so I'll be grabbing things that I *think* I might need.
It's also diversified our meals, because, let's face it...I know how to cook a handful of things, and since I know how to do it, and I know my kids will eat it, I don't change it.  But eating the same meals over and over does get old.   So for me, it's worth $7 a month.
My sanity is worth $7 a month.  Just ask my husband.


Sheila said...

I am SO trying this!!! Thanks!!

franklinmarshall said...

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