Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Elijah is 6!!!

I feel like a broken record at times, but how did this happen?!?!  I vividly remember the day that we found out we were going to welcome a son into the world, and now that precious baby is 6!  The day he was born, (on 1-11 at 4:00pm on the dot...doesn't that sound like Elijah?  Everything in proper order :P) he came out without a sound, he just looked around, as if taking in the entire world.

As the doctor placed him on my chest, I remember being in disbelief that I had a son.  Until he peed on me.  in my mouth, to be exact.  Then I believed it.  Girls can't aim that well...not at all, actually.

As I type this, my biggest little boy is sitting in school eating the cupcakes I took him and his classmates to enjoy.  He's so grown up.  He's the sweetest little man in the whole world and I love him more than life itself.  When I ask him "Elijah, you're mommy's what?"  He answers "Your dream come true."  He's right.  He is.  I always, always wanted a little boy.  He really is my dream come true.

I love you so much, Elijah Scott!  Happy Birthday, son!


Sheila said...

You make the most amazing people Sarah!! He's so yummy I want to take a big bite out of him!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

Neha said...

He is growing into a very handsome young man and he will surely be a wonderful human being like his parents. Happy Birthday Elizah!

Anonymous said...

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