Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elijah starts school!

When we welcomed this wonderful baby boy into our family 5 years ago, I neglected to consider the fact that he would grow up and go to school one day.  Well, that day has come (much to my dismay), and I think it hit me harder than I thought it would.  Sure, I knew he wouldn't be an emotional wreck that Laney was when she started Kindergarten but I didn't think I would take it so bad.   I cried the night before he started and the night before that.   And I'm not even pregnant! 

Everything went swimmingly on his first day.  My mom came with me to take the kids to school, and when we walked in his classroom, his teacher (who I just adore!) greeted him and showed him where to put his lunch and backpack.  He found his desk, and sat down to color the picture in front of him.  He grabbed a crayon, then said "I want to play with the toys."  I told him that it was morning work time, and that he needed to color his picture.  I gave him a kiss, told him I loved him, and headed toward the door.  I turned around and he was sitting at his desk, just looking around the room - taking everything in.  He waved goodbye to me, picked up a crayon and started coloring.  whew!!! 
We took the girls to their classrooms and said goodbye to them.  Both of their teachers are new to their school, so we'll see how the girls like them.  After we dropped them off, my mom mentioned poking our heads back into Elijah's classroom to see what he was doing, but I decided against it.  When you walk out the front door of the school, the hallway directly to the right leads right into Elijah's room, so we looked down the hall to see if we could see him.  There were a few people in the doorway, and I figured he was still sitting at his desk, but just as we were about to leave, we saw him zip across the room to the side with the toys.  I knew if he was running around the room, he was fine. 

I tried everything to get him to talk about his day when he got home, but nothing worked.  He answered every one of my questions with one word answers.  Oh well.  As long as he makes it home alive, and I don't have any notes from the teacher in his folder, I'm good.  He said he wanted to go back, so I took that as he had a good day. 

{this face cracks me up.  He looks a little bit skeptical of this whole "school" thing.}

{Laney-4th grade, Elijah-Kindergarten, Chloe-3rd grade}

{Isaac didn't wanna be left out!}

{Elijah and his teacher - she was Chloe's kindergarten teacher, as well}

{My big boy at his desk}


{Chloe and her teacher, Ms. Freund - pronounced Friend. Chloe likes her name :) }

{Laney and her teacher...don't their teachers look young?!?!}


Sheila said...

He will do so great! He's like the smartest kid on the planet. Plus with those good looks he'll be batting the girls away and charming his teacher.
I still get emotional when my kids go and they're huge. Enjoy your day with more "you" time!

MommaHarms said...

I had the exact same thoughts about the young teachers! I didn't think I was that OLD!


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