Friday, August 24, 2007

Laney's first day of school

Laney started school yesterday so we took her for her first day...and wow...that was really hard! Alot harder than what I thought it would be. I was fine up until we walked out of her classroom and I saw her standing there watching us leave and tears were filling her eyes. She sat down at her desk and put her face in her hands so no one would see her cry. Mike walked back in and talked to her for a few seconds, telling her about how much fun she would have and that it was just like going to Sunday school and we'd be there to get her later and stuff. I'm so thankful he was there, because I would've started bawling with her. I cried really bad on the way home (I like to blame it on pregnancy hormones :P). I knew that she'd do okay and that she would have alot of fun (which she did...she had a great day!), but it was just hard leaving her. I've never been apart from her since she was born...I've always stayed home with her and she's never gone to preschool. I had a dr. appt. yesterday afternoon, so that kinda took my mind off of how much I missed her. Chloe's really gonna miss her playmate. When we were in the hallway and Mike was talking to Laney, Chloe said, "I'm sure gonna miss Laney" :( Today was her first day to ride the bus, and she did great! She got on and didn't look back :) The little girl across the street from us rides the same bus, so at least she knows someone.

Here are the pictures from yesterday.


MommaHarms said...

She looks so proud right before leaving. I'm sure it was hard. Hope she loves school!!!

SturgillMom said...

Oh Sarah, I have been looking forward to my oldest two leaving for school, but now you made me sad...must be the pregnancy hormones :) I have to say, it does feel different having a girl going to K5 instead of a boy. Bryant was like, "Bye mom, don't come in, I'll be fine!" Now Mackenzie is a little more nervous about friends and stuff. I'm glad I can send them to school with Michael and not have to say good-bye at the classroom door. I'd be a bawling mess!


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