Thursday, August 9, 2007

Elijah's first haircut

Elijah got his first haircut this past weekend when we were in Oklahoma. He really needed one. I kinda wanted to grow it out, but it was at that in between stage where I couldn't do anything with it and it was driving me crazy.

We had a good time in Oklahoma. I have a bunch of pictures, but I haven't put them all on the computer yet. I'll probably do it tomorrow. Saturday night there were 23 people staying the night in a 3 bedroom house. Luckily we got there Friday night when there weren't that many people and got a bedroom for our family. Elijah slept in a pack n play...thank goodness they had one because we forgot ours. They have a trailer that they hooked electricity and water up to and one family stayed in there, but the house was very packed! It was fun though seeing everyone. We came home Monday and Mike had to leave about an hour after we got home to go back to Omaha. He won't come home till Friday since he went Monday night, so 1 more night by myself...that's the worst part...sleeping alone is no fun. The girls sleep on the floor in my room because they kick me constantly if they're in the bed, so it makes it a little better when they're in there, but I just want my hubby!

I had to take my glucose tolerance test! They gave me the worst flavor of that drink...cola! It was horrible!! I seriously gagged the whole time I was drinking it. I asked for fruit punch, but they were out, so they just gave me what was there, I guess. I never thought the other times I've taken this that the drink was that bad, oh my gosh...don't ever ask for the cola flavor! Yuck!

Elijah's saying a few more words. He's been saying ball, car, I did it, mama and dada (which he doesn't really say to us...he just mumbles it) and oh cool. Now he's saying eat (which comes out eaty) when he's hungry, drink, bye bye, key, dog, and a new word he learned today...poo poo! He learned that when I was changing his disgusting diaper. :P

Laney starts school two weeks from today. We went school shopping Friday before we left for Oklahoma and got a bunch of clothes and her school supplies that were on the list...that was really fun! We go to meet her teacher next Thursday...Mike won't be able to go...he'll be coming home that night, but he won't make it in time to go with us. If he's still in Omaha the week she starts, he's gonna take a vacation day and come home Wednesday night to be here for her first day. She's gonna be riding the bus after the first day (we're gonna take her the first day, of course) and it's at times like these when I'm so happy we live right across the street from her school. I can seriously see the school from my front window. I looked at her bus schedule and she'll be the last one picked up before school and the first one dropped off after school...and the stop is right in front of our she'll be on the bus for maybe 5 minutes total. Which works out great for both of us...she really wanted to ride the bus after she found out that her cousin Bailey does, and I don't have to worry about her being on there for a long time and them dropping her off far from our house. She asks me all the time how many days she has till she starts. She's so excited about starting. School starts at 9:25 and gets out at like 4:10...doesn't that seem late? I dunno, maybe it's just me. I remember starting school around 8 and getting out at 3. Whatever though...

This baby kicks like crazy! I swear, I think he/she has a sleeping disorder. There are nights when I just lay there and try to rock it to sleep so I can fall asleep. Geez...settle down it there, would ya?

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MommaHarms said...

He is so cute! How old is he?


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