Monday, June 13, 2011

Long time... bloggy.

This may or may not be a long post.  We'll see.

We're up to more projects.  Mostly out of necessity, though.
I go into the boy's bedroom the other day, and smell a funny, mildewy smell coming from Elijah's bed.  We've been having problems with them taking cups of water into their room and pouring it down their race car track that looks like this.

They say it's a water slide.  Go figure.
So anyway, I know they've been into water again, and I'm sniffing around like a K-9 dog trying to find out where this smell is coming from.  I lift up the mattress on Elijah's race car bed, and the whole wooden board underneath it is soaked.  I lift up the bed itself, and water just starts pouring out from the corner.  Ughhhhh...  Isaac's toddler bed isn't holding up much better, with half the boards missing under the mattress, so needless to say, we decide they need new beds a new bed. 
We decided on a bunk bed with a full-size mattress on the bottom.  When Jett is big enough to start sleeping with the bigger boys, we'll move the girls back upstairs.  They are currently downstairs in the playroom, which, if I was a child, would be ideal and totally awesome.  But no, Laney and Chloe (Laney mostly) are asking to come back upstairs and have their old room back.  Ok, whatever.  I'm thinking along the lines of, ok you have a room that's like 4 times the size of the one upstairs, and you have your own TV and pretty much every toy known to man at your fingertips down there, but whatever.  Weirdos. 
(totally kidding, by the way. I don't mind having them closer at night, being the paranoid person that I am.  :D)
So I started googling cute boy rooms to get an idea of what I wanted to do in the boys' room.  Then it hit me.  This is their room.  How 'bout I ask them what they want.  So I did, and they chose Mario.  shocker, I know.   While I would prefer that they have a cute nautical themed room (which my husband said was totally gay) or an awesome outer-spaced themed room, or some kind of dino room, I guess it comes down to the fact that they are only gonna be little once.  They are only gonna ask for a Mario room one time. (hopefully)  They have the rest of their lives to have grown-up rooms.  Let them be little, right? :)  So we got them Mario bedding, and we would love to eventually paint their room like this -

I would actually not mind a Mario room myself, if it looked like this. :D

Let's see...what else?

The girls are on Summer vacation, which means....EXTREME.LOUD.NOISE.ALL.THE.TIME.  I have 6 kids here, every day.  A lot of times, there are 7 or 8, when their friends come over.  I usually can't even hear myself think, but that's okay. 
We (meaning myself, my mom, my sister, my 3 nieces, 2 boyfriends of nieces and partridge in a pear tree) took the kids to Worlds of Fun last Thursday, with my friend Cathy and her little boy, Daniel.  They all had fun, of course.  I'll post pics of that as soon as I get more time. 

Oh, one more thing. 
Mike's mom and dad are moving moved closer to only an hour away close.  We're so excited!!!!  Now, if we could only get Sheri and Sheila closer.   That's our next project.

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Sheila said...

Yay you blogged! I check in on you like a proper stalker should. I love the room, I hope it ends up like that! Cute! But I hear ya, I want to do their rooms like I want too. Oh well. Love ya!! And yes, I want to live closer too!


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