Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sometimes the apple falls FAR from the tree

I'll admit, I am not smart.  I mean, I'm not dumb...I know my way around a camera and photoshop and lightroom.  But book smart?  no. Not even close.  I struggled with school, and got decent to not-so-decent grades all through high school.  I didn't try as hard as I could have, I didn't study as much as I should have and I hated, I mean HATED going to school.  Why?  (I'm going off on a little tangent for a second, hold on) Oh, because I went to a private school, which, first of all is much more difficult than public schools.  We had to wear dresses past our knees...that got a little old.  I always felt looked down upon, and alot of it was because my mom was a single mom.  I got tired of having a large chest and being scolded for wearing the same shirts other girls could wear because they just had tiny ant hills for boobs, like I could help it.  Like my mother went out and got me breast implants at the age of 12.  Sorry, but my mom was barely making it...she couldn't exactly run out and buy me a whole new wardrobe, as most of these other parents could do for their kids. I was made to feel ashamed of my body, honestly.  I will never send my kids to a school that treats them the way I was treated.  I assume my teachers and probably my classmates most likely thought I would do nothing with my life, but here I am.  I love the Lord with all my heart, I'm married to my best friend, we have the 5 most gorgeous babies in the world, I go to an awesome church (where I've learned more and grown closer to God in the past 7 years than I ever had in the 15+ years I was at my previous church), I get to stay at home with my kids and watch them grow.  All the glory goes to God.  I deserve zero credit for any good thing in my life.  It's never me. It's all HIM!  Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm anything special, but I'm special to my Jesus.  I'm His and I'll always be His, and that makes me complete.  I'm not anywhere close to where I'd like to be in my relationship with Christ, but I get closer every day.  I feel very accomplished in my life, and that's something they can never look down on me for.  Okay. Off my soapbox.

I've never been the one who easily gets A's.  It was always hard work to just get a B.  But my kids?  They are smart!  SO smart.  I don't know how it happened!  My 2 year old knows all of his letters and all of their sounds...he's even sounding out words.  My 4 year old is starting to actually read 7-8 letter words.  Laney always always gets 100's on her spelling tests and math tests...I always have good reports from her teachers, about how she understands everything, and how she excels at everything.  Chloe does very well in school too, but she struggles a little bit, like I did.  I know she'll be fine.  She's not dumb.  It just takes her a little longer to get it, but she works hard for what she gets. I praise God for giving them this gift of knowledge.  I hope school and learning will always come easily for them. 

I'm already watching their homework get more and more difficult...Laney is starting to learn about liquids, solids, and gas.  oy.  I hope they don't ever need help with it when they get older.  They'll have to go to their dad. 

If it's pictures they want, I'm their woman.


Neha said...

It's not the grades in school that matter after a certain point; it's how you have grown as a person, the upbringing you give to your children, the values you instill in them. You are a perfect mother, not because someone taught you how to, but because you learned with each step in life. You learned as you grew and you want to give your children every happiness that you prayed and wished for. And you are doing all of that and so much more so perfectly!

And your mother is a perfect mother who made you what you are. I salute you both!

Love and hugs :)

MommaHarms said...

Interesting perspective, Sarah. I didn't hate school (you probably remember book worm central!) but I always felt looked down upon by my peers, not necessarily the teachers, and like I didn't "fit" because I wasn't atheletic or a cheerleader and I liked to study. Seems like school, high school especially, is just an awkward time for so many of us.

Sometimes, I think school being easy for me was less of a blessing too. Now, when something is hard, I usually just give up. Running that 5k was the first thing I ever did that was 'hard.' Part of the reason I've never pursued photography is my fear of failure (like it matters if I fail taking pictures of my own kids - I'll still have pictures!)

Not only are your kids smart, but they are gorgeous! Keep up the good work momma!

MommaHarms said...

and I don't remember assuming you would do nothing with your life. My memories from high school are very self-centered, actually, but I remember that you were one of the few outside of my close friends who I felt was nice to me. Thanks for that.

smile4niki said...

Your kids are not smart in spite of you Sarah, they are smart BECAUSE of you... because of all the time you spend with them, talking to them and reading to them and playing with them. You don't have to have a PHD to be a good mom!

Sheila said...

I agree, they are smart because of the love, time and energy you pour into them daily. They are so blessed to have you! I feel the same though, I'm amazed at how smart my kids are and think, "how did that happen?" Your kiddos will truly go far and I can't wait to see what they become!!


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