Friday, October 29, 2010

Smarty Pants

If it drives you nuts to hear parents brag about their kids, turn away.  Just turn away now.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Mike and I went to Laney and Chloe's school last night to meet with their teachers for parent/teacher conference.  Chloe's was first, and right when we walked in, her teacher immediately told us how much she enjoys having Chloe in her class and how she just loves her fun personality.  Chloe is doing very well in reading, writing, science, socializing, listening, and obeying. There are just a couple things in math that she needs to work on, but they're no big deal...she needs to work on memorizing addition facts (I'm getting her some flash cards this weekend) and she needs to improve in how she writes 3-4 digit numbers.  I asked the teacher if Chloe was ever loud in class.  There are times when we're at home, or at the store even, and I have to ask Chloe to lower her normal speaking voice, because she's too loud.  She has this voice that carries!  oh my goodness...the girl can be noisy!  Anyway, the teacher said that she was never loud in class, and was actually surprised when we told her how loud Chloe normally can be!  She said that she's pretty quiet most of the time, and sometimes has to be asked to speak up.   
When we came home, and I asked Chloe why she was so quiet at school, she told me it was because she didn't want to be too loud, so she could hear her teacher and not miss anything she says!  :)  That's my sweet girl!  Her teacher also mentioned how her class this year was very mild-tempered, and very compatible, so it's easy for her to do more fun experiments and things like that with them.  She told us none of them had really strong personalities. (which I thought was a nice way of saying "none of them are brats")  haha!

Laney's teacher honestly went on and on about how smart and sweet Laney is!  I know all of this stuff, but I'm her mom, so of course I think that!  She has absolutely no concerns with how Laney is progressing, and told us that she is a very solid student!  She said she usually gets all of her work done quickly, so she'll assign her harder work to do with her friends who also get through their work quickly.  The teacher had her computer sitting out with a little picture slide show of Laney while she was working at her desk and working with her friends on the stuff I mentioned earlier. When the school evaluates their reading levels, Laney's score should fall somewhere between 500 and 800.  Laney's was 920!!  Yay!  She loves to read!  We mentioned to her teacher that Laney has always been a quick learner, and that she was singing all kinds of songs like "You Are So Beautiful" before she was even 2.  Her teacher got a little teary eyed and said "Stop!  You're making me cry!"  I can tell that she really likes Laney! :)  It's so nice to have a teacher that fits well with your child.  Last year, Laney's teacher was really young, and made mistakes on Laney's papers when she would grade them, and just didn't really act like she put much effort into her work.  She was nice, but I didn't care for her as my child's teacher.  Her teacher this year is older, and seems like she really loves what she does...same goes for Chloe's teacher.  We really love both of their teachers this year!

I enjoy seeing how they're doing, and how they interact with the other kids in their class.  Who knows if I'll feel the same way when Elijah starts next year!  yikes


Sheila said...

Way to go!! See, just confirming those things you already knew were true. Keep up the good work guys!!!!

Neha said...

I am sure you must have felt so proud while their teachers praised them. Strangely, I too felt a swell of emotions! The credit goes to the upbringing you are giving your children and like I have always said, you make perfect parents!

When I used to go to meet my younger brother's teachers, they had little good things to say but even those were enough to make me a proud sister!

MommaHarms said...

GOod job girls! Mommy, you have every right to feel proud! Can't believe Elijah is going to start school (and that means my Natalie too!)


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