Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall is upon us...still

I don't actually like Fall.  I know, I know...it's probably 95% of the population's favorite season.  Not me.  It might actually be my worst.  Okay...I liked Fall last year, because Jett was due, and 2 years before that, Isaac was due in the Fall, so I probably liked it then too, but every other year?  nope.  I'll tell you why.

1. Summer is my favorite time of year.  When does Fall come?  Right when Summer is over. the end of summer. dead. done.  me=sad

2.  There are no fun holidays in Fall (and don't say Thanksgiving...that's just work work work and then gain weight)  And Halloween isn't really all that fun for me anymore.  I have 5 kids to dress up and walk up and down the street with and feel the aftermath of 15 tons of candy in my house getting eaten by said children...get my drift?

3. I hate cold weather, and Fall just ushers it right on in.  It's like the time I start dreading cold weather.

4. The weather is all wonky.  Hot. cold. hot. medium. cold. medium. hot... Aagggghhh....make up your mind already!!!  Do I leave the kids' summer clothes out for the days it decides to be like, oh, 85ish degrees?  Or should I pack them up and just let my kids smother in their winter clothes on those days?  Which is it?

Okay, so those are all stupid reasons...but Fall really is probably my worst season. 
It goes -
1. Summer = swimming, 4th of July, summer break, barbecues, watermelon, bare feet.
2. Spring = Easter, it starts to get warmer, it's almost Summer :), flowers
3. Winter = Christmas.  that's about it.
4. Fall = meh. 

So okay,  I don't have seasonal depression or anything.  I know, it may sound that way, but I don't. ;)  Honestly, I'm happy to be in any season, as long as I've got my family here with me. =)

Anywhoo, I guess I'm obliged to say it even though it's over a month late: Happy Fall Y'all! 


Neha said...

Dressing up five kids is a task! But your children are so lovable that I am sure that you love dressing them up. What are their costumes for this year?

In contrast, I love fall and winters! And not summers. Indian summers are worst!

Hang on there, a few more months and winters will be gone. Happy fall! :)

Sheila said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm re-evaluating our relationship. I'm verclempt and I may be having a slight panic attack. Okay breathe. Because I love you I'll try to overlook your distaste for fall. But it won't be easy.

:) I'm sorry you don't like fall! I feel the same about January. But fall is my all time favorite!! Well it's also pretty much still summer here. I think it hit a high of 80 and a low of 75 yesterday. But I would love to go jump in a huge pile of leaves and have some cider by the fire. How about you just ship me your leaves, or better yet drive them, because it's summer all year long here!

We need to switch locations.

I love you!!

Shop With said...
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