Thursday, March 5, 2009


We have officially decided on names for this little bundle of love due to join us in October! If it's a boy, it will be Jett Michael (I LOVE the name Jett!!!) and if it's a girl, it will be Journey Elizabeth! :) So either way, we will have a kid with a J name. We went back and forth between Van and Jett and between Tatum and Journey. I like the name Jett better, but I love the names Van Hall together, but really, how many times am are we going to call him by his first and last name? :D I just like Journey better because the girls' names both end in the -e sound, and I didn't want her feeling left out. ;) Mike really likes Nevaeh, and it's okay for me, but I like Journey better. I can't understand how people don't know their kids' names till they deliver them. I mean, it's not a bad thing, we've just always had our kids' names picked out within the first few months. :) I'm excited to find out what we're having...I can't wait to start shopping for baby stuff again!!

My cravings have been all over the place. Barbecue, toaster strudels, spinach and artichoke dip w/chips. Oh man. Just thinking about that makes my mouth water. I love to eat! Seriously! And I feel like it's all I've been doing, but luckily it's not showing up on the scale here at home. I still don't have morning sickness, although I do still have a headache pretty much all day. I'm still waiting for it to kick in, and if it doesn't, I will be completely surprised. And happy.


Miss said...

what great names!!!! =) I LOVE jett...I have never heard that!

We always know our names too..and we share! We just have too big of mouths not to! =)

LaTisha said...

I love the name Jett as well, that was the exact way that I spelled my dogs name... it's a really good name. Also, just in case you start to second guess the girl name, I have a friend that named their little girl Nevaeh and they informed me that that was heaven spelled backwards! Just some random thoughts from a random friend!


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