Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin carving and other stuff

The girls were so excited to carve the pumpkins we got at the Crown Center pumpkin patch! Elijah wasn't all into it, but I wanted a picture of him with the pumpkins anyway.

This picture cracks me up. I love Chloe and Elijah's expressions!

Watching daddy cut the pumpkins

The girls loved digging in the seeds and gunk with their hands....Elijah did not. He got the chills and started freaking out when we put his hands in the bowl of goo.

Laney poking holes

Chloe poking took her a little longer ;)

The girls with the finished product

Laughing at something outside

Yummy cookie!

Love that sweet smile!!

And on a different note, can I just say how scary this election coming up is...or how scary BO (Barack Obama) is. I mean, all these people just falling all over themseves for him, calling him the messiah. It's unreal. I know that God is in control and whoever gets in there is His will...His promises are the only thing we can cling to in scary times like this. He will take care of His children. That we can count on.
A friend emailed this to me this morning:
This will make you re-think:
A Trivia question in Sunday School: How long is the beast allowed to have authority in Revelations?
Revelations Chapter 13 tells us it is 42 months, and you know what that is. Almost a four-year term of a Presidency.
All I can say is 'Lord, Have mercy on us!'
According to The Book of Revelations the anti-Christ is: The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40's, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal....the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything...Do we recognize this description?? I STRONGLY URGE each one of you to post this as many times as you can! Each opportunity that you have to send it to a friend or media it! I refuse to take a chance on this unknown candidate who came out of nowhere.
From: Dr. John Tisdale ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Friends,
As I was listening to a news program last night, I watched in horror as Barack Obama made the statement with pride. . .'we are no longer a Christian nation; we are now a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, . .' As with so many other statements I've heard him (and his wife) make, I never thought I'd see the day that I'd hear something like that from a presidential candidate in this nation. To think our forefathers fought and died for the right for our nation to be a Christian nation--and to have this man say with pride that we are no longer that. How far this nation has come from what our founding fathers intended it to be.
I hope that each of you will do what I'm doing now--send your concerns, written simply and sincerely, to the Christians on your email list. With God's help, and He is still in control of this nation and all else, we can show this man and the world in November that we are, indeed, still a Christian nation!
Please pray for our nation!
Lara Gillespie


MommaHarms said...

As someone who lives in Illinois (the home of this so-called Messiah) I can completely understand what you are saying. I will vote, but doesn't it already feel like a predetermined outcome? I pray for mercy, but I know we deserve even worse than Barak. IT scares me too, Sarah, and I struggle to trust the Lord through it all.

Juliacooks said...

Hey! Do you know Dr. John Tisdale? He is best friends with my grandpa.


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