Thursday, July 21, 2011


apparently I suck at blogging.

Oh, where to start.

We've been so busy the past couple of months with the 4th of July, trips to the zoo and worlds of fun, family visits and such, and the old blog has been neglected, yet again.  

So just to warn you, this will probably be the longest post ever.  in the history of blogging. 

Worlds of Fun

The name says it all. :)  My kids love this place.  In fact, the other day, I asked Elijah and Isaac if they would rather go to Disney World or Worlds of Fun, and the both picked the latter.  So, I guess we could've saved alot of money last year. ;) 

Zoo trips

We visit the zoo alot during the Summer months, and we always get a family pass.  This year, they added a new sky safari ride over the Africa section.  Let's just say that I'm sooo happy we didn't get the pass that included that in it.  We went on it once, and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say it will be the last time.  Laney and Chloe rode together, Mike rode with Elijah, and I rode with Isaac and Jett.  First of all, these seats have no belts or anything to strap you in, and the bar that comes down in front of you doesn't exactly make me feel safe....especially with a 3 year old and a 1 year old who's trying to climb out of it the entire time.  Ugghhhh!!!  Stress and fear are the two prominent words that come to mind.  Jett lost his binky somewhere around the giraffes, and I'm hoping that they can get some use out of it.  Do animals use binkys?  I can just picture a sweet little baby giraffe sucking away on a way-too-tiny-for-him binky. :)  So anyway, never again with the African sky safari.  Bad, bad idea. 
But we had fun otherwise. 

{Feeding the sheep is always a big hit!}

{Jett loved them!!}

{This is the sky safari - otherwise known as Doom and Fear!!}

{and that's the binky that belongs to the giraffes now}

{look at those paws!!}


These are probably the last pics I will have of the kids on this slide.  It bit the dust this summer, and we're sad to see it go.  I guess we'll have to start saving for a new one.  We really loved this thing!

4th of July

We had our typical 4th of July festivities.  We did fireworks at our house with friends and had a barbecue and more fireworks with family.  Everyone had fun, as usual.

{What's 4th of July without a little watermelon?}

Family visits

Mike's parents, sister and brother-in-law and their kids came to see us, and we had a great time with them.  Every time we're together, we have so much fun and make so many memories.  It really just sucks that we live so far away from them.  The kids all get along so well and we're so sad when we have to say goodbye. 

{Aliya and Jett.  I seriously neglected this child while Aliya pretty much took over the role of caregiver for him. :)  Thank you, sweet girl!!}

{Ma-Maw and Elijah}

{all the kiddos}

{Look at that gorgeous family!}

So that's basically what we've been up to this summer!

We're looking forward to a few things coming up really soon, too!!
--Elijah starting school!!!  This will be interesting.  I'm not so much concerned with him sitting still anymore.  Now my major concern is him keeping his clothes on and being able to wipe himself.  I'm preparing myself for the, how do I say it...  interesting(?) phone calls and notes we'll get. 

-- Chloe is starting ballet!!!  She's really excited, especially since I told her that we have to get her a new leotard, tights, a new tutu and, wait for it......real ballet shoes!   We go to meet her instructor and to look at the studio this coming Monday.  She'll start lessons the first week in September.

-- Laney is taking horseback riding lessons!!!  If you know Laney at all, you know that her dream (other than owning her own horse) has come true!!  There are no words in the English language that describe how ecstatic she is about it!  We go tomorrow to take a tour of the place, and there's a good chance she'll have her first lesson then, too.  I was told that it will be Laney and just one other girl around her age in her class.  When I was looking up prices and stuff, I noticed that the cheaper lessons were the group lessons.  I was thinking there are probably 8-9 kids in a group, but they told me group lessons are 2-3 kids.  That was a nice surprise!!

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Sheila said...

I didn't get any pics of you and your family! My battery died and then I used your camera that day. Will you email me some of your family?? I want to blog them! We had such a great time and already miss you all. Thanks for having us and our chaos!


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