Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ready, Set...


I just joined Weight Watchers tonight!  This whole losing weight thing isn't happening on my own.  In fact, I've gained like 8 pounds in the last month and a half.  I know I've posted time and time before on how I was definitely gonna do it, and nothing would get in my way.  (I know...go ahead and roll your eyes.  I did.)

Um, no.  Didn't happen.

The thing is, I never had any weight problems when I was younger.  I mean, I wasn't skinny (I never want to be skinny.), but I was at a healthy weight, and I had curves, which I was fine with.  I was totally happy with the way I looked.  That is, until I got married and got pregnant 3 months later.  The whole "eating for two" thing is wrong.  Breast feed and the weight will come off?  Yeah, that doesn't work for everyone.  And frankly, I'm tired of hearing about women who were in their regular clothes a month after they delivered their baby, all due to breast feeding.
I know that I need to have healthier eating habits.  I know that I need to exercise more.  I know I need to get this weight off to be healthier.  I know all this, but getting these thoughts put into action is where I'm having difficulties.  I was doing good, losing weight, eating healthier, being more active, making healthier choices when I last posted about losing weight.  I really was.  And then life happened and Mike's work started slowing, and he started looking for another job.  I got stressed, and of course the excuses can go on and on.  The fact is, I need accountability.  And bless Mike's heart, but he isn't the guy for the job.  He would tell me I looked fine if I were 300 pounds.  And not that there's anything wrong with that, he's so sweet to me, but I need someone to answer to.  I need to know that there's someone waiting for me each week with a scale in hand. I need someone to guide me and to let me in on tips and ideas of what I can do better to meet my goal. 

My sister started with me, and whether she continues to go with me every week to the meetings doesn't matter.  I'm going.  As long as I'm able, I'll be sitting my rear end in those plastic chairs every Tuesday evening for as long as it takes to get me to a healthy weight.

I'm not going to go into specifics here on how much I've lost each week, and what kind of exercise routine I've found to be the most helpful.  Just know that I'll be working my way towards a healthier lifestyle.  For me and my family.  We all need a change.


MommaHarms said...

good for you!

You ahd asked me about t-tapp and I will tell you this - it might not go well with WW. It does not cause you to lose weight, esp. not in the beginning, because of all of the muscle. That is why I measure with inch loss, not wieght loss. I actually gained 7 lbs the first few weeks but lost TONS of inches. And for me, I am cool with that! So, just to save you $$ on the DVDs if that would bother you i thought I would put it out there.

Neha said...

You know what...just today, I inquired in a gym near my place and am registering next week. I am eating right, but with no exercise, it wont take me anywhere! And I have my wedding end of this year for which I just have to be at my best! God bless me with all the determination and will power I'd need to get myself out of bed every morning!

How about this? let's make ourselves accountable to each other. Every week, we will send each other an email with the number. What say?

Sheila said...

Good job!! You're so inspiring and real. Breastfeeding and weight loss NEVER worked for me either and was so frustrating. I know you can do it and just like Mike I think you look beautiful and amazing all the time. But I also know that I want to be at a healthy weight for my height and I can relate. I'll cheer you on!!


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