Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Monday

Just a few things to say today.  They really have nothing to do with each other, so I'm gonna try the little handy dandy bullet point system.
  • First, I wanted to say thanks for the weight loss encouragement and ideas.  My first weigh in was last Tuesday, and thankfully I lost 5.4 pounds my first week on Weight Watchers!!  Yay!  I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow's weigh in will not disappoint!
  • Mike's grandfather passed away last Tuesday.  He was a sweet man, and will be missed.  The funeral was on Friday morning, 6 hours away, so Mike went by himself.  We were originally gonna pack up everyone and spend the night Friday night and come home on Saturday, but we decided it would be best if Mike went alone.  I missed seeing everyone and wish we all could have been there to be with our family.
  • The boys finished their swimming classes, and I just wanted to post a few more pics. They were so excited to get to jump off the diving board at the last class! (Elijah, mostly)
  • {Isaac had to be gently placed in the water :)}
  • Chloe had a school program on Thursday night, and she had a small solo in one of the songs. She did a great job! She has the cutest little voice!! ...well, when she's not ear-piercingly loud, that is. :)
  • {Chloe and her friend Candreyenne}
{getting in line for her solo...she looks nervous :)}

{she did perfect!}

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

1 comment:

Neha said...

Like the way Isaac is being put in water. Did it not scare him?

And Chloe actually looks confident while giving her performance!


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