Monday, April 18, 2011

Swimming lessons and growing ducks

The boys have started swimming lessons and they absolutely LOVE it!  There is one teacher that I don't care for...she's not very patient with the kids, especially Elijah.  When she puts him on his back to practice floating, he gets a little freaked out and starts grabbing her and kicking.  She doesn't really try to talk to him and work with him, and he's not going to stop doing that unless she explains to him exactly what he's supposed to be doing. 
Isaac hates being dunked under the water, which, ironically enough, Elijah loves.  They are both doing just fine, and I'm not too concerned with what they're learning.  I just basically wanted them to be familiar with being in water.

Our ducks are getting so big!!!  Mike hates them and wants to release them as soon as possible, but they're so fun! me and the kids, anyway! :)  I do hate cleaning out their box and feeding them 400 times a day (do you have any idea how much ducks eat?!?!?!), but I know the kids will miss them when they're gone.  We get them out every once in a while and let them wander around the driveway and the backyard, when the kids are playing outside.

{This is his "are you kidding me?" look}

{He picked a flower for his mom.  My little sweetheart.}

{Elijah's putting gas in her bike :)}

{Someone's too big for a Winnie the Pooh ride-on...}


Neha said...

They would soon be water babies as they seem to be enjoying it so much! My niece and nephew (7 & 4 yrs old) refuse to get out of the pool!

And the ducks.... how do you manage? The kids must be loving them for sure. How about getting them a nice dog or a cat?

Sheila said...

It makes all the difference when you have a good swim instructor! The ducks are so cute! The fuzzy ones are too :D

Miss you guys!


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