Monday, February 28, 2011


I feel like singing that little song our dear friend, Spongebob sings so eloquently...

I know of a place,
Where you never get harmed.
A magical place,
With magical charms.
Indoors, indoors, indooooors!
Our whole family was sick for almost 2 weeks straight, and I've just about had it with fevers, coughing, snot and medicine.  Also, I've had it with our weather.  I need Spring!  Or better yet, Summer!!!  We were all finally well enough to get out Saturday night. Mike and I took Laney out to eat, and watched The Grace Card. This movie is amazing!!!  Laney loved it too! 

My camera has been on quite the break with everyone being sick, and I think a 2 week vacation is long enough!  You'll notice that most of these pics are taken indooooors, what with our weather having multiple personalities lately.  I was able to take Jett out for a while to take pictures a few days ago, when it was about 65 degrees out.  It's not 65 degrees anymore.  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. :)

{sick, sleepy, sweet baby Jett}

{I could probably eat this.  It's organic, right?}

{I think he's trying to lick the fresh air.  It's better than actually breathing it in.}

{he's trying to plug in the DS, and if he's anything like his daddy or his brothers, he'll be able to defeat Mario Bros. in just a few short months.}

{see his dimple?  I swear he has one.}

{That's the funniest thing I heard all day!}

{Oh boy...}

{This bagel is not organic, but it's goood!}

So, um, my boys can make the ugliest faces you've ever seen.  I'm not joking.  They all 3 have these angry eyebrows that show up when they're mad about something.  It's crazy.  They're kinda disturbing, actually.  Just to prove it...look:



{not quite yikes yet, but we're getting there.}

And you might have noticed there are no pictures of the girls.  I still have 2 daughters.  They didn't go anywhere.  I just haven't taken any pics of them lately.  There's no reason, really.  And I'm too tired to think one up.


Sheila said...

Absolutly gorgeous kids!! I miss them so much! Sorry you've all been sick, that is so not fun. Give them all a hug from me!!

Positive Thoughts said...

Cute baby angels. God bless you.


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