Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Mom...My Hero

I honestly don't know how to start this post.  There are no words I could say write that would properly describe how amazing my mother is. 

She grew up in a house of boys...4 brothers, to be sisters.  My grandmother (her mother) was...still is, actually...partial to boys.  I don't know why she's like that, but she is, and my mom had to constantly deal with that.   She dropped out of school in the 8th grade and never went back to school. (although she has taken classes towards getting her GED...she never finished it, as far as I know)  She got married in her early 20's, and had 2 girls a few years 2 older sisters.  My dad moved to California at one point, dragging my mom with him.  She moved back to the Midwest after about a month on the West coast...she hated it there.  I've mentioned it before on this blog, but my dad was an alcoholic, pretty much from the start of their marriage.  He was in and out of the picture even before I came along.  My mom told me that when his mother was on her death bed, she pulled my mom close to her and whispered in her ear "Don't have any more kids with him."  Thank goodness she didn't listen, or I wouldn't be here, but it kind of shows just how dead-beat my dad really was.  I mean, that was coming from his own mother.

My mom got pregnant with me when my sisters were 9 and 10.  I was a surprise, and my mom really wanted a boy.  She tells me now that she's so thankful I was a girl...especially since it was just me and her after my dad left for good, and my sisters moved out. 

During my childhood, I remember my dad coming home every once in a while, and we always knew that he would most likely be drunk.  If you've ever been around alcoholics, you know that there are basically 2 different types of drunks...the kind that are overly nice and the kind that are overly mean.  My dad was the latter.  I remember hearing my dad come in, and my sisters pulling me into their bedroom, crying, and saying "Daddy's here...let's hide."   I won't go into detail, but I'll just say that my mom endured things that no woman should ever have to endure from someone that they love...from anyone, period. 

A local church would send a bus through the neighborhood, to pick up kids for church.  My sisters would go, and eventually my mom went with them. There, she learned of her need for a Savior.  She became a Christian, and started attending church on a regular basis.  She started tithing, much to my father's dismay (this was still when he was partially around, and before I was born).  She has said that, at one point, during one of his fits of rage, he took a wad of money and threw it up in the air and said "Here God, take it!"  He despised the fact that she was giving money to God.  But of course, he could spend all he wanted on booze. 

He was basically gone from the time I was 4 or 5, but they actually divorced when I was 8 or 9.  My grandma has also lived with us since I can remember. 

My mom worked with no college degree...not even a high school diploma, and put 3 kids through Christian school.   Private schools are not cheap.  She received absolutely no child support at all, and we never did without food, clothing, or a roof over our heads.  She worked for a pharmaceutical company, and worked her way up into a position that, when applied for, required a college degree.  To say she's a hard worker is putting it lightly. 
With everything she's been through, she never once wavered in her faith.  She totally relies on God, and has always given Him the praise for everything she was able to accomplish.   She is a pillar of strength, and I know it only comes from Christ.  She has said that there were times that she would have no money in the bank, but she would go ahead and send in the payment for school and trust God that it would be covered, and it always was.  There is no other way to describe that, other than God! 

She suffered a heart attack about 6 years ago, and during that time, got laid off from the job she'd been at for 20 years, after the company moved the position to St. Louis.  I thank God that he spared her life...I don't know what I would do without her.  She's my rock and my hero.   She has taught me what it takes to be a good mother, how to never take even one day for granted, that family is everything, and, most importantly, to love God more than anything and anyone else in the world.

If I could have just a fraction of the strength she has, I'd be happy!  She has accomplished so much with no help from a husband, and she had to fill the roll of both mom and dad.  She does so much for our family, and for my sisters and their families, too.  When I have a question, she is the first I go to for advice.  I can talk to her about anything, and she'll always listen and be there for me.  She offers to watch our kids at least once a week, so that Mike and I can have time alone.  I know to never take that for granted.  I always feel bad that she has our kids so much, but this is what she always says:  "Sarah, they are my grand kids...this is what life is about.  I love spending time with them.  What else would I be doing anyway?  Sitting at home, watching TV?  Why would I rather do that than spend time with these kids?"  See what I mean?  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

She has been the best model for a mother that I could ever imagine.  I honestly don't know why God blessed me with such an awesome mom, but I'm so thankful every day of my life.  When I hear others talk about how great their mom is, and how much she has done, it always takes everything in me not to roll my eyes, and think, Right, but you don't know my mom.   Okay, I actually do think that, but I can't help it. She's just unbelievably strong!   I know there are alot of wonderful mothers out there, but in my mind, no one compares.  no one even comes close.  And when you have the kind of mom I do, it's okay to think that.  She's the best mom in the world, and that's the truth!

{Grandma and Isaac}

{Grandma and Jett}

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.
~Abraham Lincoln


Neha said...

I salute your mother! And you are indeed lucky to have her with you always. I lost my mother when I was 12, so I never got to experience that love and bond. But yes, I was always jeaslous of my friends being pampered by their mothers! At those times, I wished I had Mom with me and I could show off how loving my mother was! Alas, that was never to be :(

Reading this post, I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. While reading, I wished I could see a picture of your mother and as I scrolled towards the end, there she was!!! Even her picture reflects her love and warmth. Give her a big warm hug from me!

Love always!

MommaHarms said...

A beautiful tribute to an amazing woman. it was wonderful to read.

Sheila said...

I'm trying not to cry!! Your mom is amazing and you are so truly blessed. On those rare occations when I'm around her I always have a strong urge to hug her. And to want to make her proud. Weird I know. It's so cool how God uses what seem like impossible situations for His glory. And how cool that your kids get to grow up with her always around!

Janna said...

I'm so glad Nicole pointed me to your post. I had no idea all that she had endured. I'm so glad she had you too and taught you to turn to God just as she did. Thank you so much for sharing her refined as gold story.


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