Thursday, July 22, 2010

9 Month Jett

Oh boy. He is seriously edible. Right? nom nom nom

At 9 months, my baby boy is growing at an alarming rate.  He pretty much thinks he's a big boy.

He loves to clap.  He claps all day long.  Clapping's the best.

He waves hi all the time and actually says "haaa"  He's totally saying Hi.  The boy's a genius. or at least he knows how to say hi. :)

He loves watching his siblings play, and he's actually starting to laugh at some of the funny things they do, like making funny faces at each other, or talking in funny voices, or fighting and hurting each other.  you know...

He loves LOVES it when I tickle his belly with my head.  Oh, the laughter.

He'll stand himself up at the couch or table or whatever and just let go and stand there by himself for literally like a minute....just looking at us, till he decides to gently lower himself down to the ground.  Oh no, no falling for this kid.  He so knows what he's's like he's saying, yeah, I could totally walk if I wanted to, but I think I'll just let you carry me around a little longer. 

                              See?  and there he is clapping again...

He had his first jar of baby food...something with custard...I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was tasty.  Oh my, I love me some baby food. 

He's growing out of his 6-9mo clothes, and he needs a haircut.
He has stolen my heart completely.

 A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.
~Author Unknown

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Sheila said...

SO very edible. What a sweetheart! Miss you all so much!!


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