Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 Month Jett

~ He loves to roll over. I can't lay him anywhere without expecting him to roll over to his tummy the second I put him down. He knows how to roll from his belly to his back, he just constantly gets his arm stuck underneath him...and it makes him so mad!

~ He loves to scream just to hear his own voice!

~ He's still eating basically just avocados and bananas. He's had pears, but he didn't think too much of them.

~ He's lifting his head up more and more every day. I know it will be no time and he'll be crawling!

~ He's still the smiliest baby. I love it! I've never had a kid so smiley, and I could definitely get used to it! I hope it continues to be a part of his personality!

~ The swaddling blanket. What do I say about it, other than it's my life saver! He has a hard time going to sleep without it. Daddy isn't too thrilled with this. He's worried that Jett may carry this habit on in life and develop the need to sleep in a straight jacket. Honestly though, I am a little concerned that he's growing dependant on it, and I know we really need to break this cycle!

~ He continues to be a lover of the binky. We got him off the soothie (the kind he got at the hospital) and onto a more orthodontic one. He didn't mind the change...as long as he's got something to suck on, he's good.

~ He may end up having blue eyes, which thrills me! Chloe is the only other kid of mine that has them. His are still pretty blue, so I hope they don't change! Of course, brown eyes are cute too. :)

~ He has a little bit of a cold. again. He's got a runny nose (when it's not stuffy) and a little bit of a cough. I put vicks on the bottom of his feet and it seems to help the cough quite a bit!

I honestly don't know how God does it. How did He know that this tiny little man is the exact one I would have picked if I had my choice of all the babies in the world?!?! I love him more and more every day! He has completed our family in the most perfectly wonderful way.

A baby has a special way of adding joy in every single day.
-- Author Unknown


smile4niki said...

He is getting so big! :)

The Savage Family said...

Wow! I can't believe he's 5 months old already! It seems like just yesterday we were up at the hospital seeing him for the first time!

Sheila said...

He's way too cute!! I love him!


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