Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Foods: Avocado

Being that Jett is now 4 months old, I wanted to start him on food. None of my kids ever liked rice cereal, so I didn't even want to go there with that stuff. I've been reading alot of babyfood making websites, and learned that avocadoes can actually be baby's first food. One of the sites made this statement: Avocados are often called one of nature's perfect foods because they are said to contain everything a person needs to survive.

My plan is to only feed him homemade baby food, which I've never done before, but I'm really excited about! I started last night with the avocado...I made approximately 7 servings, and froze them in these...

...obviously I kept one serving out to give to him, and this morning I put one in the fridge from the freezer to feed to him tonight. I realize that when he starts eating more, I won't get as many servings from just one, but it's still a heck of a lot cheaper than jar food. I can't wait to start making more, and mixing them together...trying new recipes. So much fun! I hope he likes it! He doesn't really have a choice in the matter though, I suppose.

So without further ado - Jett's first taste of food, play by play - or thought by thought. (at least how mommy interprets it.)

So what do we have here, mom?

Oh, it's food? Yeah, I've been wondering about that stuff. You guys really seem to like it ALOT!

Whoa, slow down a minute...what are you doing there?

Ick...what are you trying to do to me?!

Huh? Well, whaddya know?...this stuff isn't all that bad.

Gimme another taste of that.

Dad, have you tried this stuff? I bet you'd like it!

What's with the pictures? I'm eating here.

Look at my hands...I'm just trying to help shovel it all in!


Okay mom, you've been most helpful, but I can take it from here.

GIVE. ME. THE. SPOON. I'll do it!

Nom nom nom...that was good stuff! Now what's for dessert?

No dessert?!?! You're kidding right?

You're hysterical, Mom!

"I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food."
- Robert Orben


Sheila said...

How sweet! I'm so proud of you for making your own baby food! I always wanted to and tried for bit, but I just couldn't keep up with it. Good for you!! The pictures are adorable!

No worries about not calling Dylan, he was so wrapped up in party stuff that he didn't even notice! And trust me, it's all about the party!

Neha said...

Beautiful pictures...simply adorable!
I feel you deserve the beautiful blogger award. Visit today's post...

Have a great day ahead!



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