Thursday, April 17, 2008

Family pictures

We got pictures taken on Saturday, and it went ok. Elijah was a holy terror, but we still managed to get a few decent ones. We had them taken at Flash because we'd gone there once before and really loved it! Well this time was a little different. Last time we went, they had 2 people in the taking the pictures and the other helping with the kids. There was only one person this time and she wasn't all that great. They made us wait for about 15 minutes before going back, which gave Elijah time to run around and get really energetic. So by the time we went to take them, he was having no part of just sitting there looking at a camera. He was squirming and crying when we were taking the picture of all of us, and the lady just kept saying "Look over here!" I was like, um...he's not gonna look at you just because you ask him to. Do you have any toys or something that will get his attention??? So finally she got a baseball out that he played with for a while... Geez, you'd think with the money we're paying for these pictures, that they would have a better plan of getting kids' attention other than to just say look at me! oh well, we still managed to get a few that I really love!

Like this one of Elijah and Isaac...

And this one of the girls... Of course, the girls did amazing!!

This is the best one we got of all of them together.

We had her take some of just Isaac since we haven't taken him to get just his pictures taken yet.

This is the picture where Elijah was just being horrible.

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LaTisha said...

I can only imagine what drama you had with the kids and pictures! Wow, you are one amazing cookie. I hope that when I have kids, that I will be a great mother like you! It's a good thing that your children are photogenic or else you would have bigger issues! :) You have a beautiful family. I say that a lot, but it's true. Tell Mike I said hello!


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