Monday, July 23, 2007

We took the kids to T-Rex at the Legends on Saturday and they had so much fun! We've been there once before to eat, but they didn't get go into the digging area, so we let them do that while we waited for a table. Elijah was so funny...when we would try to stand him up in the sand barefoot, he would cringe and pull his legs back up. We finally just let him go and he got used to it, but he started eating the sand. :P


SturgillMom said...

LOVE the belly shot! You look awesome! I just can't make myself pose for a picture :) I am SO huge -- everyone keeps saying, "When is your due date?" I just want to shout, "OH SHUT UP!!!! I know that I am huge!"

Laura said...

Great pictures Sarah!!! You look great!!! Not too much farther to go!


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