Monday, December 31, 2012

I'll see you soon, Grandma

My Grandma passed away early this morning.  She's been very sick for a couple of months now, and this past Wednesday, she was admitted to the hospital.  We were told that she wouldn't be coming home - that she only had days left.
So we were "expecting it" but in all reality, how can you really be prepared for someone you love to leave this world?  God has given our family so much peace through this whole thing.  This peace that passes all understanding, the peace that only comes from our great God is unbelievable.  It truly is.  Jehovah-Shalom is who we are clinging to right now.
I love my Grandma so much.   She has lived with my mom for over 40 years.  When I was younger, having my grandma living with us was all I ever knew.  She would be sitting on the couch and I would sit on the floor at her feet and lay my head in her lap and she would rub my head.  I remember laying on the kitchen counter and her washing my hair in the sink.  I would ask her to do that often, I loved it!  She would go mall-walking with her boyfriend John (who has also passed) a few times a week, and since she watched me while my mom worked, she would always take me with her.  I cherish so much the time I got to spend with her.  Time that a lot of kids don't get with their grandparents, as a lot of kids don't live with their grandparents.
She was a legend on the piano - and she played by ear!  Rumor has it that she played piano in a mob bar back in her day...and that's where she met her husband (my grandpa) Bill.  He came in and told her he was taking her out of there.  Apparently the mob boss didn't like him and told him not to come around anymore.  He didn't listen though, he kept coming back for her...which is a risky move, if you ask me.  My grandma fell in love with him and eventually he did get her out of there.  The boss told my grandma that she was the only reason Bill was alive! :)   She had her wild days, for sure! 
I'm forever grateful that my kids got to know her and got to make memories with her!  On a weekly basis, sometimes daily, my mom would call me and tell me that my Grandma was asking if the kids could come over.  She loved them so much, and they loved her!
She was truly an amazing lady!  Feisty and stubborn, but so loving!  She loved her family something fierce!
We are confident that she knew Christ, so now that she's gone, it's peaceful to think that she's seen Jesus and she's walking those streets of gold, no longer limited by her earthly body!  I'm sure she's having an awesome family reunion with all her loved ones that have gone before her.  Thank you, Jesus for the confidence we have only in You!! I'm so happy knowing that I will see her again!
I already miss her like crazy, though! 
I love you so much, Grandma!  Thank you for all you've done for me throughout my life!  You were the best Grandma I could ever have!
I can't wait till I can see you again!

My Grandma in her element :)

Dancing at my cousin's wedding - Sept. 2012

We love you, Grandma!



Sheila said...

She sounds amazing! I'm so sorry but I'm so glad you'll get to see her again! I'm also glad that the kids were able to get to know her. Much love and many hugs.

Alexis Moreno said...
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