Monday, November 26, 2012

When a nurse says she's giving your 3 year old cocaine

I swear, that happened.
Jett was jumping on the bed and like Elijah did just 6 short months ago, landed on his back and hit his head on the corner of a table and needed to go to the hospital.
We dropped the two older boys off at my mom's (the girls were already there) because I didn't want to take him by myself because, well, for one thing I'm a baby and for another, I knew I'd need help holding him down while they fixed him up.  Mike was on call at work, so we wanted to stay fairly close to our house in case he got called in.  We went to the hospital where Jett was born instead of going to the children's hospital downtown. 
We drive by this particular hospital frequently since it's so close to our house and Jett knows he was born there.  The weirdo loves this hospital, for some reason.  He was completely fine, you know, other than having a gigantic gash in his head so he was totally acting normal.  As we're driving into the parking lot, he says "Mommy, can I come out of your tummy again?"  Really.  Really?  No, dude.  That's a one time deal.
He wouldn't let me get near his head.  Not to look at it, for sure not to touch it. So anyway, he was so excited to be at the hospital even though he knows that the doctor is gonna have to touch his head.  We get back to the exam room and everything was going swimmingly until the nurse tells me and Mike that she's gonna be putting a medication on his head to numb it before they put the staples in.  Okay, that's normal.  No worries from either one of us.  Until she tells us that the medication contains ^something I can't remember^ and cocaine.  She tapes the cotton ball to his head and leaves the room, as Mike and I stand there completely dumbfounded.  I know I probably should have asked her if it really was cocaine that she was putting on my child's open wound, but I was just confused.  I looked at Mike and said "Did she just say cocaine?"  His "Uh, yeah" answer led me to believe that he was just as confused as I was.  They came back in the room 10 minutes later and put 3 staples in...he cried worse than I've ever heard him cry...and we were done.  
That happened on Saturday night.  Today, my sister-in-law, who's a nurse, told me that she probably meant lidocaine.* Which is kind of what I assumed she meant all along.  But really?  How in the world do you get the two confused?  I'm not a nurse, and I wouldn't confuse lidocaine with cocaine. ?? 
Jett's fine, by the way.  It takes a whole lot more than 3 staples in his head to stop him. 
If he did in fact get high, we didn't know it.  He was acting the exact same way he always does. :/
After we left, I asked him if he still liked the hospital.  His answer was, "No! My teacher kept hurting me!"   I don't know.  The only place he has teachers is at church.  He doesn't like going in his Sunday school class.  And if he didn't like Sunday School before, now he's really gonna hate it!

* Blogger, you are wrong.  I did not misspell lidocaine, so you can remove your stupid red "you can't spell, you moron" squiggles.  Thank you very much.

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