Thursday, June 7, 2012

Daddy's gifts

For Mike's bday, I took the kids to the dollar store and let them each choose any 2 things in the store to give Daddy. 

Here's what they chose.

Jett chose pepperoni and an over the door hanger.

Isaac chose Scooby fruit snacks and a bat/ball set.

Elijah chose cotton candy and a Star Wars kite

Chloe chose a foam airplane and a slim jim

Laney chose Gatorade and Mike and Ikes

So precious.  Elijah carried around a click light for the longest time, and then put it back when he saw the kite.  Isaac originally picked out a huge plastic wristwatch but decided on the bat/ball set, instead. :)  Jett was completely set on the over the door hanger.  He picked it up shortly after we entered the store and carried it around the entire time!  
Mike loved it all!  I'm sure he thinks his greatest gifts, though, are the gift givers themselves. 
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

1 comment:

Sheila said...

ADORABLE!!! Love the idea!! So sweet and fun for the kids!!


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