Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer starts

I glanced over at my little archive box and noticed that the number of blog posts each year is dwindling away.  2009 was the highest number, and of course, that was because little Jett-pack was on his way.  I used to blog nearly every event in our lives.  Now?  not so much. 
It makes me sad, because I love reading old posts and remembering the little things that I otherwise would have completely forgotten. 
So, lately, our family has just kind of been chugging along.  Busier than we've ever been, but not nearly as busy as we'll be in a few years, I'm sure.
Laney had a program at school - one of those things that she stayed after school to be a part of...heritage singers is what they called it.  A glee club, of sorts?  Anyway, they sang parts of songs from the 60's 70's and 80's (and they had to dress the part) and it was awesome!!!!  My favorite song they sang was The Rhythm of the Night. 
♪ ♫To the beat of the rhythm of the night, dance until the morning light.  Forget about the worries on your mind, you can leave them all behind. ♫ ♪
I know, I'm a nerd.

All ready!

The kids are out of school now, so we've been trying to think of things to do to keep us busy.  Today, we met some friends at a nature center. We ate lunch, played in the indoor part of the center and then went for a walk through the woods.  It was hot, but it was fun!  Tomorrow, we're planning on getting out the slip 'n slide. :)  Now that Jett is no longer a nursing baby, it's way more fun to go places with all the kids, and to plan fun play dates!  Nursing is precious, but holy moly, am I happy it's over!  Wow, I honestly never thought I'd think that!  =)

Remember the "super moon" we had a few weeks ago?  It was really clear where we live, so we could see it really well!

We've had some amazing sunsets here lately!  Sometimes, I just lock myself in my bedroom and stare out the window at them.  It's heavenly.  The peace and quiet and the view.  equally.  they're equally heavenly. :)

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