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A post of lists

We recently got our very first advent calendar...this one to be exact:

St. Nicholas Square Train Advent Calendar
So I've been researching what to put in the little doors.  I've read that some people put candy and other little trinkets, but I really wanted something more meaningful and more to do with the actual Christmas meaning.  So I looked and looked, and found this neat idea on this website.

1. Quarter--A quarter! That equals 25 cents. But 25 also stands for the number of days till Christmas, when God gave us His best present. Jesus told about one woman's gift and the way she gave it. Read: Mark 12:41-44

2. Grape Gum or Candy--Grapes make jelly and juice, raisins and wine. But Jesus didn't need grapes to perform His first miracle. Read: John 2:1-10

3. Smiley Face--Here's a smile! A smile usually expresses happiness. Jesus gave us many instructions to keep us happy. Read: Matthew 5:1-12.

4. Swedish Fish candy--Well, if you were surprised to find these fish, wait till you read the story today! Others were surprised to find fish, too. Read: Luke 5:4-7.

5. Birthday Candle--As you know, we are getting ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday. However, Jesus talked about something else that is related to this candle. Light! Read: Matthew 5:14-16.

6. Small Bell--You could make some noise with this. But it would not have bothered a certain man--until he met Jesus. Read: Mark 7:31-37.

7. Goldfish Crackers--These would not go very far if you were really hungry! But Jesus could make much out of little. Surely He knew how to multiply! Read: Matthew 14:13-21.

8. Cotton Balls--These cotton balls would be helpful in a thunder storm, wouldn't they? We could use them for ear plugs to muffle the loud noises that thunder makes. But we know someone who doesn't need cotton. Jesus can control the weather. Read: Matthew 8:23-27.

9. Piece of Map--People needing to use the other parts of this map are in trouble! Don't you get lost today! Read: John 14:1-6.

10. Soap--Do you like to wash? Behind your ears? Washing turned out to be a happy time for a man who met Jesus. Read: John 9:1-7.

11. Heart Candy or Sticker--Hearts. Wordlessly, they speak of love, don't they? Jesus spoke some commands about love. Read: Matthew 25:17-41.

12. Small Cross--We use the cross as a symbol, representing Jesus. Do you know why? Read: Phillipians 2:1-11.

13. Packet of Salt--Ordinary salt. Yes, Jesus related salt to us and our behavior. He also gave us some advice. Read: Matthew 5:14 and Colossians 4:6. (Notice that He doesn't recommend pepper!).

14. Sand--Don't try to eat this! It's sand. It reminds us that Jesus knows something about architecture, about buildings--and building lives. See His instructions: Matthew 7:24-29.

15. Silk Flowers--Flowers are pretty, aren't they? Jesus used flowers to teach us a reassuring lesson. Read: Matthew 6:28-34.

16. Raisins--Raisins! Many children are given raisins instead of candy for a snack. That's because they are a health-promoting and delicious fruit. Jesus told us how we can produce good fruit. Read: John 15:1-5.

17. Seeds--Jesus told a story about seeds that man planted. Then He explained it, revealing its deep meaning. Read: Matthew 13:3-8 and Matthew 13:18-23.

18. Christmas Carol--Christmas is just about a week away. And here is an appropriate song. Sing it loudly! Read: Psalms 100.

19. Rock--A hard stone! Can you change this stone into a piece of bread? Do you think Jesus could? Jesus was asked to do just that. Do know how He handled it? Read: Matthew 4:1-4.

20. Crumpled Foil--Try to smooth out this piece of aluminum foil and use it as a mirror. It's hard to see your reflection plainly, isn't it? Many circumstances are hard to understand, but someday everything will be clear. Read: 1 Corinthians 13:12.

21. Mustard Seed (or packet of mustard)--The mustard seed is the smallest there is! When it sprouts, it grows into one of the largest plants! See what Jesus said. Read: Matthew 17:20.

22. Dove--We've learned that the cross represents Christ, but do you know what the dove stands for? Read: Matthew 3:13-17.

23. Scrap of Wool Material--The threads that compose this fabric came from the wool of a sheep. Jesus called Himself the good shepherd. Do you know who His sheep are? Read: John 10:7-18.

24. Marble--A marble! Do you know what is sometimes called the "Big Blue Marble"? The world. God made the world for us. What does God continue doing to the world? And who is the world? Read: John 3:16.

25. Picture of Baby--Isn't this baby cute? When he was born, he made a whole family happy. Jesus was born a baby, too. He came to make the whole world happy. Read: Luke 2:1-20. Enjoy your celebration today. Continue to learn about Jesus--and love Him forever! 
*This comes from www.daniellesplace.com (among other places on the web)


I read this post of MckMama's and thought it was too funny.  And pretty accurate.  I'm confident that about 95% of these things have happened to me.  

Have you, fellow mothers of small children, ever noticed something about women who are not the mothers of small children? Be it they are not parents yet or have moved past the small children phase, other mothers sometimes just don’t seem to get it. They don’t mean any harm, of course, when they ask you if you know that your baby’s diaper looks full. Of course you know that, but as the mother of small children, you just may not care at the moment, as you’re holding your tantruming toddler with one arm while trying to get to the car in time to pick up your oldest from Kindergarten.

Can you relate?

If so, then sit back and enjoy these other ways you know you might be the mother of small children. Yes, this is Part III of one of my favorite blog post series.

You might be the mother of small children if…

…you actually think redoing your own bedroom in a Curious George theme would be kind of cute.

…you’d rather have a bright new nightgown than a night on the town.

…you can just barely remember a time when “getting lucky” meant something other than managing not to wake your sleeping baby as you crept past his door on the way to the garage to get a Diet Coke during nap time. Now that’s lucky!

…watching other women get their hair blow dried at the WalMart salon as you push your cart full of kids and Fruit Loops by the window is as close as you’ll get to being pampered this week.

…you wish bras came in size 38 B/C because your right breast is now significantly larger than your left.

…you can still zip your wedding dress all the way up. When it’s on your left thigh.

…while sleeping at 3 am, you have ever awoken to the thought, “Who is sitting on me?”

…there is a chalkboard in your dining room, a paper plate turkey in your kitchen, Polly Pockets in the bathtub and a princess hair tie in your hair.

…when your husband asks you what special things you want for your birthday, you tell him in all seriousness that you’d like Post-It notes and Size 3 diapers.

…you think Dora the Explorer toothpaste actually tastes pretty good.

…you don’t remember the last time you shaved your legs. In fact, you can’t even find your razor.

…you could feed twelve goats for a week with the cracker crumbs currently in your carpet.

…you’ve ever signed a check with a green crayon.

…there is a small piece of hot dog stuck anywhere to you right now.

…you avoid looking in your baby’s diaper because if you look and see that it’s dirty, then you’ll have to change it.

…you wonder what the point of your bathroom door is, anyway.

…you’re seriously considering asking for pop beads for Christmas because you think they are so fun.

…you have first hand experience with what happens when a bottle half full with milk sits under the couch for seventeen days. And it ain’t pretty.

…you have ever pretended not to see one of your children touch the toilet water.

…you wonder if Diego has an older brother. And then you remember that you’re married. And that Diego is a cartoon character.

…you are all the way to Target alone in the car before you realize Dr. Suess’s Storytime has been playing in the CD player.

…without missing a beat, you can tell someone to please stop playing with their vagina at the dinner table, and then continue to butter your bread.

…there is a seven month old doing the finger slide on your iPhone right now, and you’re just happy that she’s entertained.

…you run out of washrags and consider using your sexy lingerie so that at least you could get some use out of it.

…you’ve ever had a dream about the Backyardigans.

…when your husband says he is going to give you a really amazing night in bed, you hope he means that he’s going to crash on the couch so you can sleep alone, because that sounds really amazing to you.

…when in a pinch, you’ve ever used milk out of a sippy cup for your coffee.

…you take off the sheets on your bed and discover six pretzels, fourteen Lego pieces, three socks and a pair of footie pajamas with a diaper still stuck in the foot. You cringe at the thought of what you’ll discover when you take the kids’ sheets of their beds.

…you don’t bother feeding the dog since the baby does that just fine from his high chair.

…though you’ll never admit it to your friends, you’ve discovered that you really like corn dogs.

…you think the five second rule is so last year. You now adhere to the five minute rule and, sometimes, to the five hour rule.

…you covet your neighbor’s minivan.

And a few oldies but goodies from last time, you also might be the mother of small children if…

…you sound like you have Tourette’s when you talk on the phone. “So, Sarah, do you and the kids want to meet up for–GET DOWN FROM THE FENCE RIGHT NOW–do you guys want to meet us at McDonald’s for–NO, YOU CAN’T!–for lunch at 11:30 as soon as we–DO NOT PUSH YOUR BROTHER DOWN ON THE TILE, OR ANYWHERE FOR THAT MATTER-get finished up here?” (by Rachel E.)

…you can touch your own nipples to your chin, or your bellybutton, whenever the mood strikes.

…you used to look down at women who wore their maternity clothes when they weren’t pregnant. Now you look up to them, because you only wish you still fit into yours.

What about you? How do you know you might be the mother of small children!?

A few of mine would be:
...you are so thirsty sometimes that you drink out of a sippy cup...without taking the lid off.  and then realize that the juice doesn't come out of those things fast enough.

...your 2 year old gets so messy at Walmart from eating the free bakery cookie, that you whip out a pair of your daughter's (used) underwear* from your purse to clean him off.

...you sometimes wish that restaurant menus had "Hot dogs with mac and cheese" on the adult menu.  Because how great would it be to have leftovers that the kids would actually eat?  Yay for easy meals!

...you know that when your child is constipated, the best remedy for it is the library.  Because OHMYGOSH!! Will we ever make out of the library without someone needing to go poop or pooping in their diaper?  I'm betting on no. because it hasn't happened yet.  Maybe this is just me?

...you think it seems like a vacation when you only have to take 2 kids to the grocery store with you. (or maybe that's a "you know you're the mother of many when...")

*okay. the underwear thing.  So we took Chloe to her first gymnastics class, and she was wearing her ballet leotard with underwear.  When we got there, I noticed that her underwear were totally showing under the leotard, so we went to the restroom where she took them off, and I put them in my purse.  That's the story of how Chloe's dirty underwear ended up in my purse. The End.

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Sheila said...

LOVE it all Sarah!! Almost exactly all of those things I have done. Wow. Motherhood is awesome and yet gross all at the same time!


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