Saturday, June 2, 2007


We had the big ultrasound yesterday, and everything looks great!! We didn't find out the sex!!! Yay for us! It wasn't actually that hard for us...with this most likely being our last, we wanted it to be a surprise. I kept turning away from the screen, afraid that it would just kinda pop up on there, but it never did...thankfully! The ultrasound technician would tell us every once in a while to not look so that she could measure the thigh bone or something. She said that she saw what it was, and I was afraid that she would slip and call it he or she, but she didn't. So we definitely don't know what we're having, which is gonna be a totally different experience than the other 3. This is a fun surprise!! I'm measuring right on target...a day ahead actually and the baby looks great!!

The baby's profile...looks like Elijah's
The face.

Arm and fist

The cutest little baby foot ever!


SturgillMom said...

Sarah! Those are awesome sonogram pictures! I went a few weeks ago, but the baby wasn't cooperating very well to get such good pictures. We decided to be suprised, too. We have found out with two and this will be the third suprise. I definitely like the suprise route best. When is your due date because we must be pretty close to each other?

SturgillMom said...

Hey Sarah! I see Amy Trout from the Independence Women's Clinic. For my first three kiddos, I had Dr. Dowd from Hausheer, Braby. I loved him! I also saw Kimberly whith my third and I really like her. I had to switch practices because of insurance reasons. The thing I really like about Dr. Trout is that she pretty much does whatever I ask her to. She will induce early and will let you have an epidural whenever you want it. But, I have to say, there was some comfort in Dr. Dowd just telling me when I could have the epidural.


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